SWWD02 - British Airborne Command Post

The British Airborne Command Post is a WW2 diorama set, featuring British senior officers with their communications operatives occupying a ruined farm house somewhere in Western Europe 1944-1945.

This is a combined effort from Artizan Design, Sarissa Percission and Renedra.


5 metal figures and one resin motorbike. Two senior officers, one medic, one radio operator and one M/C dispatch rider with bike. (Artizan Design)

Ruined Farm House with base, including furniture, tools and bicycles. Laser cut MDF kit, supplied unpainted and un-assembled. (Sarissa)

Sandbags. A frame of plastic sandbags that can be built up in anyway you like. (Renedra)

All 28mm sized, supplied unpainted.

British Airborne Command Post

Our Price: £30.00