FOGb03 - The Risen South

1866 The South has been laid waste to by the industrial might of the North. Vast tracts of the country are uninhabitable due to the fire and gas bombs dropped from Union dirigibles and ornithopters. In the last weeks of the war, a few diehard generals desperate for vengeance against the North entered in to an infernal pact to swell their ranks by raising the dead. Six men were given the secret to bring the dead to their cause and the Confederate Necromancers set about their grim work. 

1870. The Southern States are a desperate place.  The cities are ruined and choked with poisonous fogs left from the chemical bombardment of the North. From deep in these terrible cities, and from the ghostly plantation mansions, the army of the Risen South was slowly building and soon will be ready to march North. Keen to test their troops, raiding parties have been sent ahead lead by brutal Bushwhacker commanders. Using the cover of mists and darkness, they start their campaign massacring small farms and Northern outposts along the borders. The North soon realised the war was far from over...

Captain Quantrell and his Sergeant Bloody Bill spent the years of the civil leading an unit of Confederate irregulars on a brutal campaign through the Kansas and Missouri territory. After the surrender of the Southern States, Quantrell became a renegade leading a band of outlaws that raided and robbed on both sides of the new border showing equal cruelty to the Northerners who were fair prey to him and unfortunate Southerners who he saw as traitors for surrendering.

He soon came to the attention of the agents of the Risen South. His knowledge of the border territory and his brutality made him a perfect recruit in the war to come. Quantrell was taught basic necromantic spells that allowed him to 'raise' his own army.
At some point during the war, Bloody Bill had lost his mind. With his hair and beard stiff with his victims blood, he thrives on violence. No one is sure whether he realises the War had ended, but his use as a fearsome fighter means his commander doesn't care.

Ten 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

The Risen South

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