GiM19 - Quartermain


If you can't do it with one bullet, don't do it at all.

Allan Quatermain

A hero from the old school, Africa is in his blood and a part of his soul. It is said that Quatermain will live for as long Africa endures.  Quatermain has been seen to fall, only to re-appear alive once more. A former big game hunter, he now leads others on adventures across Africa and beyond, armed with his trusty Double Barreled Express "Matilda" Rifle. He is occasionally a reluctant servant of the Crown, but will always fight for justice. A crack shot, he can track any creature anywhere, supposedly even across a pane of glass. Although somewhat aged, he is still as tough and unforgiving as the land he loves.

One miniatures per set, 28mm sized metal figures supplied unpainted. 

Every set comes in a limited edition numbered gift box. Only 500 will be made


Our Price: £3.50