2nd Afghan War (60 products found)

Afghans - Afghan Irregulars

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NWF1001Afghan Irregular Command£7.00

NWF1002Afghan Irregular Swordsmen£7.00

NWF1003Afghan Irregulars with Rifles£7.00

NWF1004Afghan Irregulars with Muskets.£7.00

NWF1005Afghan Irregulars with Muskets II£7.00

NWF1006Afghan Irregulars with Rifles II£7.00

NWF1007Afghan Irregular Swordsmen II£7.00

NWF1008Afghan Irregulars Command II£7.00

NWF1009Afghan Irregulars with Jezails£7.00

NWF1010Afghan Irregulars with Muskets III£7.00

NWF1011Afghan Irregular Swordsmen III£7.00

NWF1012Afghan Irregular Swordsmen IV£7.00

NWF1013Afghan Irregulars Gun Crew£5.25

NWF2002Afghan Characters.£7.00

Afghans - Afghan Regular Infantry

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NWF1020Afghan Regular Infantry I£7.00

NWF1021Afghan Regular Infantry II£7.00

NWF1022Herati Infantry I£7.00

NWF1026Afghan Command Group£7.00

NWF1027Herati Command£7.00

British Army - Artillery

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NWF0500Mountain Gun and Crew (Indian)£7.70

NWF0501Mountain Gun and Crew (British)£7.70

British Army - British Infantry

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NWF0001Mounted British Officers£11.50

NWF0006British Infantry bare-headed, 2nd Afghan War£7.00

NWF0007British Infantry at Ready. 2nd Afghan War.£7.00

NWF0008British Infantry Standing. 2nd Afghan War.£7.00

NWF0009British Infantry Kneeling. 2nd Afghan War.£7.00

NWF0010British Officers Afghan War£7.00

NWF0010aBritish Officer with Cup of Tea.£3.00

NWF0011British Infantry Kneeling. In Poshteens.£7.00

NWF0015British infantry in Poshteen Advancing£7.00

NWF0016British Infantry Marching£7.00

NWF0017British Infantry Advancing£7.00

NWF0018British NCO's£7.00

NWF0019British Command Group (2nd Afghan War)£7.00

NWF0020Highlanders in trousers advancing. 2nd Afghan War.£7.00

NWF0025Highlanders Advancing£7.00

NWF0026Highlanders Advancing II£7.00

NWF0027Highlanders Marching rifle at trail.£7.00

NWF0028Highlanders Firing£7.00

NWF0029Highlanders at Ready£7.00

NWF0031Highland Command£7.00

NWF2003Chaps who'd Like to Be King£7.00

British Army - Characters

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NWF2001British NWF Characters£7.00

British Army - Corps of Guides

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NWF0150Guides Advancing.£7.00

NWF0152Guides at Ready£7.00

NWF0153Guides in Poshteen£7.00

British Army - Punjabi.

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NWF0120Punjabi Infantry Advancing£7.00

NWF0121Punjabi Infantry at Trail.£7.00

NWF0122Punjabi Officers£7.00

NWF0123Punjabi NCO's£7.00

NWF0124Punjabi Cavalry Command.£11.50

NWF0125Punjabi Cavalry£11.50

NWF0126Punjabi Lancers£11.50

British Army - Sikh.

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NWF0105Sikh Infantry Advancing. 2nd Afghan War£7.00

NWF0106Sikh Infantry Advancing II. 2nd Afghan War£7.00

NWF0107Sikh Infantry Kneeling. 2nd Afghan War.£7.00

NWF0108Sikh Officers£7.00

NWF0109Sikh Cavalry Command£11.50

NWF0110Sikh Cavalry£11.50

NWF0111Sikh Lancers£11.50