Second World War (200 products found)

American Forces - U.S in Greatcoats

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWWB06US Infantry Squad in Greatcoats£14.00

SWW350US Command II (Winter)£6.00

SWW351US Infantry in Greatcoats with Rifles£6.00

SWW352US Infantry in Greatcoats with Carbines£6.00

SWW353US Infantry in Greatcoats w B.A.R's£6.00

SWW354US Infantry in Greatcoats w S.M.G's£6.00

SWW355US Infantry in Greatcoats with Rifles II£6.00

SWW356US Infantry in Greatcoats .30cal Team£6.00

SWW357US Infantry in Greatcoats Bazooka Team£6.00

SWW36057mm AT Gun with Crew (Out of Stock)£13.00

SWW36175mm Howitzer & Crew£14.00

SWW362US Gun Crew £6.00

American Forces - U.S. Airborne

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW311U.S. Airborne Riflemen I £6.00

SWW312U.S. Airborne S.M.G.s £6.00

SWW313U.S. Airborne Riflemen II £6.00

SWW314U.S. Airborne Characters £6.00

SWW315U.S. Airborne B.A.R.s £6.00

SWW316U.S. Airborne Command £6.00

SWW317U.S. Airborne Pathfinders £6.00

SWW318U.S. Airborne 30 Cal. Teams (2 x 2 man crews)£6.00

SWW319U.S. Airborne 60 mm mortar £6.00

SWW320U.S. Airborne Bazooka Teams £6.00

SWW321US Airborne Carbines£6.00

SWW322US Airborne Characters and Specialists I£6.00

SWW323US Airborne Characters and Specialists II£6.00

SWW330US Airborne Gun Crew£6.00

SWW331US Airborne 37mm AT Gun and Crew (Out of Stock)£13.00

SWW332US Airborne 57mm AT Gun and Crew (Out of Stock)£14.00

SWW333US Airborne 75mm Howitzer and Crew£14.00

American Forces - U.S. Infantry

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW301U.S. Command £6.00

SWW302U.S. Riflemen I £6.00

SWW303U.S. Riflemen II £6.00

SWW304U.S. B.A.R. Teams £6.00

SWW305U.S. Infantry 30 Cal. Team (1 & crew)£6.00

SWW306U.S. Infantry 60 mm mortar £6.00

SWW307U.S. Infantry 81 mm mortar £6.00

SWW309U.S Infantry Bazooka£6.00

SWW310US Sniper and Spotters£6.00

SWW370US Tank Crew£6.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - 8th Army

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW101British 8th Army Riflemen I£5.80

SWW102British 8th Army Riflemen II£5.80

SWW103British 8th Army Bren Teams£5.80

SWW104British 8th Army Command£5.80

SWW106British 8th Army Vickers MMG Team (1 gun and 3 crew)£5.80

SWW107British 8th Army 3 inch Mortar£5.80

British and Commonwealth Forces - Artillery

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW501British and Commonwealth 6 pounder and crew (Out of Stock)£13.00

SWW501aBritish Mark IV 6pdr AT Gun and Crew (Out of Stock)£13.00

SWW502British 25 pdr and crew£25.00

SWW503MkII 6 Pounder AT Gun (no crew) (Out of Stock)£9.00

SWW503aMkIV 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun without Crew. (Out of Stock)£9.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - British Airborne

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWWB05British Airborne Section I£14.00

SWW160British Airborne Command £6.00

SWW162British Airborne Section II£14.00

SWW163British Airborne Vickers Team £6.00

SWW164British Airborne Characters £6.00

SWW165British Airborne Ad-Hoc Section I £14.00

SWW167British Airborne Command and Characters £6.00

SWW168British Airborne Vickers Teams II (wounded)£6.00

SWW175British Airborne Piat Team £6.00

SWW176British Airborne Specialists£6.00

SWW177British Airborne Mortar£6.00

SWW521British Airborne 6 pounder£13.00

SWW522British Airborne 75 mm Howitzer£14.00

SWW523British Airborne 6 Pounder WITHOUT crew£9.00

SWW524British Airborne 75mm Howitzer WITHOUT crew£9.00

SWW533Britsh Airborne Jeep CREW ONLY (6)£6.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - British Infantry

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW130British and Commonwealth Infantry Platoon Command£6.00

SWW131British and Commonwealth Infantry Bren Team's£6.00

SWW132British and Commonwealth Riflemen I£6.00

SWW133British and Commonwealth Riflemen II£6.00

SWW134British and Commonwealth Riflemen III£6.00

SWW135British and Commonwealth Support Weapons£6.00

SWW136British and Commonwealth Vickers HMG£6.00

SWW137British and Commonwealth Mortar£6.00

SWW138British and Commonwealth Sten Teams£6.00

SWW139British & Commonwealth Officers and Characters£6.00

SWWbritishbikeBritish Motorbike£5.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - Commandos - North Africa & the Med.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW111British Commandos with LMGs £6.00

SWW112British Commandos I £6.00

SWW113British Commandos II £6.00

SWW114British Commando Command £6.00

SWW117British Commandos with S.M.G.s£6.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - Commandos - North West Europe (Normandy, etc)

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW150Lord Lovat's Commando Command £6.00

SWW151Commando Section (late war) (Out of Stock)£14.00

SWW152Commando Vickers Team (1 gun & 3 crew)£6.00

SWW153Commando Command II £6.00

SWW154Commando Special Weapons (4)£6.00

SWW157Commando Rifles£6.00

SWW158Commando Bren £6.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - Commonwealth Forces

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW121Australian Infantry I£6.00

SWW122Australian Infantry II£6.00

SWW140Sikh Infantry Command£6.00

SWW141Sikh Riflemen I£6.00

SWW142Sikh Riflemen II£6.00

SWW143Sikh Bren Teams£6.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - S.A.S. & L.R.D.G.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW115S.A.S. - Long Range Desert Group £6.00

SWW116S.A.S. - Long Range Desert Group II £6.00

SWW118S.A.S. - Long Range Desert Group III£6.00

SWW119S.A.S. Saboteurs £6.00

British and Commonwealth Forces - SAS Europe

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW191SAS Europe I£6.00

Devils Brigade. - FSSF

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW601F.S.S.F with rifles I£6.00

SWW602F.S.S.F with rifles II£6.00

SWW604F.S.S.F with SMGs£6.00

SWW605F.S.S.F with Carbines£6.00

SWW606F.S.S.F in Parka with rifles£6.00

SWW607F.S.S.F in Parka with Thompson.£6.00

SWW608F.S.S.F in Parka with Carbine.£6.00

SWW609F.S.S.F Characters I£6.00

SWW610F.S.S.F Characters II£6.00

French Forces - French - North Africa

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW251French Officers £5.80

SWW254Foreign Legion I £5.80

SWW255Foreign Legion II £5.80

SWW256Foreign Legion III £5.80

SWW257Foreign Legion LMG's £5.80

French Forces - Goumier

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW271Goumier Command£5.80

SWW272Goumier Riflemen I£5.80

SWW273Goumier Riflemen II£5.80

SWW274Goumier SMG & LMG£5.80

German Forces - Afrika Korps

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW001Deutsches Afrika Korps Riflemen I £5.80

SWW002Deutsches Afrika Korps Riflemen II £5.80

SWW003Deutsches Afrika Korps Sub-Machine Guns I £5.80

SWW004Deutsches Afrika Korps MG34 Teams I£5.80

SWW005Deutsches Afrika Korps Officers - N.C.O.s £5.80

SWW006Deutsches Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers £5.80

SWW007Deutsches Afrika Korps Sentries £5.80

SWW008Deutsches Afrika Korps Riflemen III £5.80

SWW009Deutsches Afrika Korps Casualties £5.80

SWW010Deutsches Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers II £5.80

SWW011Deutsches Afrika Korps HMG team£5.80

SWW012Deutsches Afrika Korps Mortar team £5.80


German Forces - Fallschirmjager

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW040Fallschirmjager Command I £5.80

SWW041Fallschirmjager £5.80

SWW042Fallschirmjager MG42.£5.80

SWW043Fallschirmjager MP40.£5.80

SWW044Fallschirmjager Rifles 2£5.80

SWW045FallschirmjagerMG42 (Firing)£5.80

SWW046Fallschirmjager FG42. £5.80

SWW047Fallschirmjager MP44. £5.80

SWW048Fallschirmjager Tank Hunters.£5.80

SWW049Fallschirmjager MG34 £5.80

SWW050Fallschirmjager Mortar Team £5.80

SWW051Fallschirmjager Static MG42£5.80

SWW052Fallschirmjager Characters. £5.80

SWW053Fallschirmjager Command II£5.80

SWW056Fallschirmjager Assault Team £5.80

German Forces - German Infantry

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWWB02German Infantry Squad (1942)£14.00

SWW080German Infantry Command£6.00

German Forces - Germans in Greatcoats

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW020German Riflemen in Greatcoats £6.00

SWW021German Riflemen in Greatcoats II £6.00

SWW022German N.C.O.s and LMG Team in Greatcoats £6.00

SWW023German MG42 Teams in Greatcoats£6.00

German Forces - Late War Germans

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWWB03Late War German Infantry Section I (in smocks)£14.00

SWW026Late War German Infantry Section II (in smocks) £14.00

SWW027Late War German Infantry Command£6.00

SWW028Sustained Fire MG42 Team (3 and gun)£6.00

SWW029Late War German Infantry A.T. Weapons £6.00

SWW030Late War German Command II£6.00

SWW031Late War German Infantry with MP44s £6.00

SWW036Late War German Mortar Team £6.00

SWW037Late War German Snipers£6.00

SWW070Late War German Officers & N.C.O's (Winter)£6.00

SWW071Late war German Rifle's I (Winter)£6.00

SWW072Late war German Rifle's II (Winter)£6.00

SWW073Late war German MP40's (Winter)£6.00

SWW074Late war German MG42 Team's (Winter)£6.00

SWW076Late War Germans (Winter) A/T£6.00

SWW077Late War Germans (Winter) MP44£6.00

SWW078Late War Germans (Winter) G43£6.00

SWW082German Infantry with PPSh41£6.00

SWW090Feldpolizei checkpoint (3)£4.50

SWW095Late War German PaK40 Gun Crew£4.50

German Forces - Panzer Lehr

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWWB01Panzer Lehr Grenadier Squad£14.00

Italian Forces - Italians - North Africa

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW201Italian Command £5.80

SWW202Italian Infantry I £5.80

SWW203Italian Infantry II £5.80

SWW204Italian L.M.G. Teams £5.80

SWW205Italians with SMG£5.80

Resistance & Partizans - Resistance & Partizans

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWW700Maquis I£5.80

SWW701Maquis II£5.80

SWW702Maquis III£5.80

SWW703Demolitions Team£5.80

SWW704Partisan Rifles£5.80

SWW705Partisan SMG's£5.80

SWW706Partisan LMG's£5.80

SWW707Partisan Rifles II£5.80

SWW708Partisan Characters£5.80

Soviet Union Forces - Soviet Army

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SWWB04Soviet Army Squad I£14.00

SWWB07Soviet Army SMG Squad £14.00

SWWB08Soviet Army Squad II£14.00

SWWB09Soviet Army Squad III£14.00

SWWB10Soviet Army Squad IV£14.00

SWWB14Soviet Army Squad (Snow Suits)£14.00

SWW411Soviet Scouts£6.00

SWW412Soviet Army Characters£6.00

SWW413Soviet Characters II£6.00

SWW414Soviet Command (Winter Gear)£6.00

SWWB11Soviet Army Squad V£14.00

SWWB12Soviet Naval Infantry£14.00

SWWB13Soviet Naval Infantry II£14.00